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Suggestion for improvements....

The most obvious way to improve would be to add incremental and differential backup.
Add the ability to backup to cloud services like One Drive, Drop Box etc..... types of services.
A quick pc cleaner with options to personalize things to clean that could be turned on or off to where if on it would clean temp files/junk files because backup to help reduce the size of the backup image when creating and image backup.
A good addition would be to create the option to load the software at boot incase you lose or have errors with your backup CD or USB, a simple hot key to run the software at boot would be really nice, and of course the option to have that feature or not have it per the users choice.
What would really be nice would be the option to backup your Emails to either text files or zipped format, this would not have to work by copying folders on an email client, it could work off of the users own email account from the cloud, therefore it would work with any email service providing the options for security are available. That's a nice feature, I have tons of licenses I have purchased and had sent to me via email and it's important to back them up on a separate drive separately in case my primary drive fails, I wont lose my license that way, I use a program called Mailstore Home, it does a good job, but considering it is a backup it would be nice to have a feature like that incorporated into Lazesoft Recovery Suite. Some backup programs backup emails, but the way they do it is from the client so they are not useful to those who don't use those clients, but a backup from the email service would work for everyone. I know, easier said than done, but I thought I would mention that idea.
Other backup options, individually which a user could schedule and define if needed, like backing up video library into separate folder or music or pictures.
Perhaps add the ability to backup Android and or iPhones content to a seperate image.

One very important feature that I would suggest adding if you don't add anything else, and that is the ability to MOUNT the image backup where you can copy and paste individual files from the image if only a few files are needed and not the entire image with a built in file explorer that runs auto as Administrator to avoid permission conflicts.

Those are my ideas and suggestions for improvement, thank you for your time and the opportunity to try out the software from GO

Bobby , 13.06.2017, 13:24
Idea status: under consideration


Lazersoft, 15.06.2017, 12:30
Thank you for your great improvement idea. You will be rewarded with a full-functioning lifetime license of Lazesoft Recovery Suite Professional Edition. Please contact us, support@lazesoft.com, to get your rewarded lifetime license.

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