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Support for NAS drive recovery

I have 2 NAS drives that suddenly died after being bumped in a move, now the USB connection does not work > so I remvoed the once working fine drives from the NAS housing & installed them into my PC yay I thought, but NOOOO now I have to format the drives before they will work so 8TB of stuff going going gone NEVER but seagate NAS drives grrr

Ed Brawn , 13.06.2017, 14:34
Idea status: under consideration


joealvrd71, 13.06.2017, 17:51
Always run a back up every two days to a safe antivirus protected drive, smart drive, external and other cloud media for use when recovery is needed. Run all work on fresh start up from recovery in safe mode using VR VPN to check if there are any other problems.

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